Quick Updates

April 21, 2006

CLL Gospel Camp:
Thank you all so much for your prayers and notes of encouragement! It really helped. Camp was great! We had about 60 kids – 20 of elementary-age, and 40 of junior high/high school/college-age. I had to speak to the 40. A very diverse group, and I wasnt sure I could pull it off. I finally chose to use the Parable of the Prodigal Sons (Luke 15:11-32) as the springboard for both messages. The first nite’s message was ok. I decided to recite the first part of the parable (focusing on the younger son) in my own narration with my own words instead of reading it straight from the Bible. That was a good call on my part, cuz preaching in the evening after dinner to a bunch of kids with food coma is just a bit difficult. ;)
Afterward, I did a short Good Friday-centered Gospel message and gave a very mild altar-call. The second nite’s message was much more comfortable for me. I had preached parts of it before at other churches, and had plenty of time to re-hash it until it was right where I wanted it. (Didnt use my notes AT ALL!! p) Anyway, I continued story-telling the parable and focused on the older son. Afterward I gave another Gospel presentation using Easter as my focus. The altar call was a bit more blatant. Both nites we had a time of reflection, soft worship and prayer during the altar call. But, on the second nite I felt the kids should pray together, so I had them get in groups of 2 or 3 and pray. There were quite a few tears. It was good. Wish it coulda been longer, but I had a ride waiting for me that nite.

Even better for me than suffering thru my own preaching, was the opportunity to talk to some of the adults. I see them around CCHC a lot, but never have the chance to sit and talk with them. It was good to start building this relationship with them. Soon, in a subsequent update, I’ll tell you why it was so important for me to have that time.

Job Situation:
On Monday, I went to my school and filled out a random sheet of info. On Tuesday, I got an email from my school secretary that I should fill out an application on the Dept of Ed website. On Wednesday, I submitted it. On Thursday, I received an email — “Dear Ms. Flores, Welcome to the NYC Dept of Education!” D So, it’s set, my pretties! I’m back in the school system by Sept 1. I leave CCHC after the 3rd session of Herald Gospel Camp. My last day is Aug 30. Praise the Lord with me, all ya peeps!!! ;;) I’m excited and freaked out. Pray for me as I finish off my last 4 months at CCHC. This is the busiest and best pre-summer season for me. I need lotsa energy!

Grad School:
This semester is finishing way too quickly for me! Deadlines for final projects are May 3 and May 6. O In between, I’ll be gone for a wk! Pray for me to finish everything and finish well. I’m such a nerd-geek. -B I really am a good student, and an anal perfectionist, so I lose a lot of sleep around this time, trying to get everything right. Last wk, my charismatic prayer group (man, I have to give this group an official name!) prayed over me and had to give me the smackdown for being so prideful about my schoolwork. They tried to get me to repeat this mantra – “It’s ok if I get an A-…. It’s ok if I get a B+….” Haha. I couldnt do it! Pray for diligence tempered with a humble attitude.

Hallelujah!! From 4/24-30 I’ll be in Los Angeles experiencing the celebration of the Azusa Street Centenniel . I’m going to be staying at the University of Southern California campus while there. I’m hoping for more than just a refreshing week away from work and school. I’m expecting a deeper experience of God, and the blessing of converging with believers from all over the world. In addition, I will FINALLY have the chance to visit my denomination‘s 1st established church, the Angelus Temple. And hopefully visit my denomination President, Jack Hayford‘s church – the Church on the Way and maybe even my future seminary !! I’m SO excited! D

Just some of the highlights to come: (And I mean SOME. There’s plenty in between…)
April 24-30: L.A.
May 3-6: Finals due
May 20: Thomas and Jennifer’s Wedding!!
May 27-29: Teen ECBC [Giving workshop on cults and apologetics.]
June: Working 6-day weeks to prep for the summer ministries; leading worship at Vision for the last time -s; Lillian and Hungy’s wedding!! [I’m leading worship.]
July/August: running SAC – my summer day camp; attending 3rd session of Herald Gospel Camp; going on another wk-long vacation; ending my season at CCHC; moving all my stuff… somewhere…. [Pray for me to get an apt – I think I’m gonna need to move again. More on that later.]

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support!


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