Quick Prayer for me and my “son”

Sept. 20, 2006

No time to give you the full story – that will come later. Just a quick prayer request:
Pray for A, pls. He’s really got me on my last nerve and I have to meet with his school Dean and principal tomorrow at 8:15am. =/ He just keeps getting in TROUBLE! And he’s really messing with me. I also hate that I have to take off work in the 3rd wk of school!! =[ But, JY’s coming with me. I really need to rethink my approach with him. Also, his little sister, S is mtg me tomorrow at my school in the morning, around 10:15am. I’m so worried and scared for her, and crazy as it sounds – I want her with me, so pls pray for a home for her, so that she can get taken out of the facility she’s in. She’s 14.

AC, DK and I had a crazy intense time of prayer after worship practice last nite, and God really ministered to me thru AC and we were both weeping. The Holy Spirit was just radiating from him. =] So, God is moving and speaking, and I need to trust that things will work out, but right now there’s no cooperation from A, and tons of worry and pressure from my parents. So, I’m really torn, and sleep-deprived, and I just took the semester off from school, b/c I cant concentrate on my work. Money’s tight, too, so that’s an added worry. At this point, God is A’s only advocate b/c I’m ready to throw in the towel. =/

JY had a vision of me about 2 wks ago or so, and saw that I was surrounded with all my friends on their knees interceding for me. And she said that you all would become amazing intercessors as a result of this situation in my life, ( i.e. my suffering =/). But, I think it’s awesome that God can use this heartache to draw you guys closer and sharpen your prayer lives, so PRAY! It’s not just for me and A – God wants to do something in all of you in this, too, and I’ve already seen it in AC. =]

Hallelujah, I love you guys!


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