Praise Report

July 1, 2006

Ok, I know things sounded really crazy in the last update, but I assure you that in the midst of my chaos, God has been really AWESOME! In particular, God is revolutionizing the way we pray. For about a yr now I’ve been involved with a charismatic prayer group that meets every Wed afternoon. (We’re changing to Thursdays for the summer – anyone who wants to come is welcome!) The way we pray is decidedly Spirit-led, replete with tongues and prophecies. But, I have never prayed this way with my Counselors and youth… until now! God has been pouring out His Spirit on them in remarkable ways!

  • Counselor A began to get prophetic visions 2 wks ago in one of our prayer mtgs. ;)
  • Counselor S was prophesied over for the first time, and is now hungering for more of God’s voice in prayer. ;;)
  • Counselor M received the gift of tongues 2 wks ago. D
  • Youth M had a spiritual vision and a spiritual dream where she saw Jesus, and He walked with her. )
  • Youth S is getting prophetic impressions in prayer and just last Wednesday received the gift of tongues! x
  • Counselors A, J, P, and S; Youth M; Staff E and my friend J are all eagerly anticipating more of the Holy Spirit in their lives with manifestations of spiritual gifts beginning with tongues and prophecy.

God is making all my dreams come true. Hallelujah!! B-)
Pray that this summer, we will have a Holy Spirit outpouring over my SAC Counselors. They are hungry for a move of God. God is moving. Pray I can lead them to follow Him!


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