Much Overdue Update About My Family

April 3, 2006

I’ve been mentioning my cousin, Robin to you here and there. She was diagnosed with a pre-cursor to leukemia a few months back. It developed into full-blown leukemia after the New Yr. Her condition was rapidly deteriorating. But, a lot of you have been praying for her. And her bad cell-count decreased! ;;) She can come home for a month, and then has to return to the hospital. Keep praying for her. And pray for her heart to be open to the Gospel. She’s been involved with Wicca in the past, but she’s pretty open to anything.
I completely believe that God can heal Robin if she opens her heart to Him. Pray for her healing. That it would be a sign of God’s concern for her. My sister, Stefanie, knows that God wants her to be the one to tell Robin about Jesus’ love for her. Pray for Stef to take any opportunity that arises to share. Robin’s sister, Rachel is completely adverse to Christianity. Pray for her to be open to the Gospel, too.

I have been having a lot of spiritual experiences in regards to my family lately. In the last 2 months, I’ve had lots of spiritual dreams about them. (For those of you who dont know, ‘prophetic dreams‘ is one of my spiritual gifts.) I’ve had scary dreams where demonic forces were attacking my family; and cool dreams where my aunt and uncle were praying together, and where my mom was prophesying over me! O As for the scary stuff, I think God is allowing me to see the current battle for my family. And I’m praying and interceding against it. As to the cool stuff, I think it’s a glimpse of the future. (Hopefully, near future!) A friend of mine reminded me of something when we were discussing dreams. He said that when Joseph (from the Bible) had prophetic dreams, he only saw the end result. He didnt see all that he would have to suffer in between as God was preparing him to fulfill his destiny. I feel that there is much work/trial/suffering that I’ll have to endure before I see God’s promises toward my family come about. I’ve already felt the spiritual aspect of the battle. A few wknds ago, after visiting Robin and Rachel in the hospital, I felt such a heavy burden in my heart. By the time I made it to nite-church 2 days later, my heart was about to burst. After service I went up to get prayed for and during the prayer I felt the hand of God so heavily on me that I collapsed to the floor and sobbed uncontrollably. Uh… I dont cry. At least, not very often. But, this wasnt normal crying. It was total intercession flowing out of me. And when I got home that nite, the same thing happened as I prayed before bed. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

God has spoken many promises to me regarding my family. And I am beginning to see them come to pass. One of the things He said is that “the favor of God would rest on me in a new way.” So, pray for that! The more favor, the more souls won to the Kingdom, amen? ;)

Misc Updates:

1. CCHC: No paychecks for the entire month of March. I would not be able to survive without your support and my church’s. So, please pray for us. Sigh. We are also still looking for summer counselors for Herald Gospel Camp. If you are interested, please contact me!
2. Grad School: One class is almost done. Just one more session and a project due. I took a Midterm for it last Sat and my brain fried. I felt so sick afterward. -& My other class still has 2 months worth of HW and projects left. “Calgon, take me away!!”
3. OneHouse: We are in desperate need of people to join the leadership team and head up things like the Program, Prayer, Promotion, Speakers, etc. If you are interested, or you know anyone who may be, pls let me know asap!!
4. Job transition: Still waiting for 100% confirmation. I was gonna visit my school today, but it didnt happen. I’ll call my principal this wk.
5. Vision Church worship: I’ve decided to step down from leading worship by the end of June. So, I only have this month and June, and I’m officially done. I’ve also decided to step down from the Worship Committee by January. Pray for the worship ministry. We need more team members.
6. Speaking Engagements: CLL Gospel Camp on Easter wknd [SOON!]; and TeenECBC on Memorial Day wknd. Pray for me to discern the message that God wants me to speak to these very different sets of youth.
7. Vacation: Hallelujah!! From 4/24-30 I’ll be in Los Angeles experiencing the celebration of the Azusa Street Centenniel . I’m going to be staying at the University of Southern California campus while there. I’m hoping for more than just a refreshing week away from work and school. I’m expecting a deeper experience of God, and the blessing of converging with believers from all over the world. In addition, I will FINALLY have the chance to visit my denomination‘s 1st established church, the Angelus Temple. And hopefully visit my denomination President, Jack Hayford‘s church – the Church on the Way and maybe even my future seminary !! I’m SO excited! D

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support!


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