March Prayer Items

March 5, 2006

In this issue:
I. Job Update
II. CCHC Ministry
III. Funds
IV. Other Prayer Requests

I. Job Update:
So by now many of you have been asking me what is happening with my job transition. Am I leaving CCHC now, or later? Am I going back into teaching this Fall? Have I spoken to my principal? And the answers are: later, hopefully, and yes. p I spoke to my principal last Wednesday to find out what I should be doing to help expedite my transition. And he said I didnt have to do anything. He was working on it. He did ask me what subject I wanted to teach (instead of teaching all major subjects to one class like I used to), and I told him I was supposed to teach Science right before I had gotten laid off. So, he has me down for 6th grade Physical Science! Very fun. He also asked me if I wanted to teach Chinese after school… Well, duh!! D Of course I do!! Eventually I’m hoping to move the program from only being an After School class to being a regular language class. So, it seems that it’s about 99% that I will start teaching again this Fall. But, keep praying. Anything can happen.

II. CCHC Ministry:
We are currently recruiting for our summer programs. My summer day camp (SAC) and our Herald Gospel Camp ministries, (which you have heard me mention constantly), are our two biggest and most important ministries of the year. I live for our summer ministries. Right now, information on both programs, as well as downloadable applications, are available at our website: Check it out and see if you’d like to be a part of these amazing missions experiences.

III. Funds:
February was a rough month. We didnt receive our Feb 15 paycheck until March 1. This put my account under by $400. I budget my bills at the beginning of the month and everything getting paid off is contingent upon the money being there by a certain time. I thought I’d at least have it by 2/25. That didnt happen, so my bills got paid by my bank instead of me and I overdrafted… /:) I will  appreciate your continued support of my ministry until I am settled back in the school system. One thing I’m definitely looking fwd to, aside from teaching itself, is a regular, steady salary that is directly deposited in my account. It’s hard to believe I had a salary like that once. Let me tell you, it’s not a fun thing to have to fundraise and see your finances plummet month after month after month. It’s really hard, and it distracts from the ministry, stealing your joy. If you have friends that are out on the missions field and have to fundraise for their salary, please support them. We are dependent on your support for our livelihood. Not for vacationing or shopping or pampering ourselves. (I dont even know what any of those things are anymore!) But, really, we need the support for bigger things, like Rent (which I havent been able to pay), Bills, paying off debt/loans, buying groceries and MetroCards, among others. So, please – give to your friends, and give cheerfully knowing how much you’ve been blessed.

IV. Other Prayer Requests:
1. Grad school: Even though this semester of school is much less stress than the previous ones, I still have to find time to finish my schoolwork and projects. I cant wait til I’m done with this degree! Just 2 more semesters after this and I’ll be done, hallelujah! Who knew “part-time” would feel like “life-long?!” |
2. OneHouse: Things are coming together again this yr, and Albert and I are heading up the worship team again. Pray for us to find ppl to recruit for the team, as well as for our own spiritual prep. He and I will be mtg for prayer and sharing on a regular basis so we can be better equipped to minister to the team this yr. It should be on Sept. 9 this yr, so pray for all the logistics (inc. funds) to go smoothly.
3. Church: Leading worship at Vision has been very stressful for me lately. I am actually leading today, as well as in April and June. I need perseverance and fresh outlook on worship. I need the Holy Spirit to reveal what He wants worship to look like and how He wants me to lead.
4. Speaking Engagements: CLL Gospel Camp on Easter wknd – 2 messages to preach; and TeenECBC on Memorial Day wknd – one workshop to present twice. 


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