July Update

July 20, 2005

In this edition:

I. Financial upswing!
III. Hofstra Conference
IV. Allergies in the ER
V. Prayer Requests
VI. Thanks


Just wanted to show you the latest email I received from the higher-ups at CCHC:

“To: Rev. P.C. Lo
From: Lily Suk-Yee Ng Lee, Chairperson of General Board
Re: Staff Salary Adjustment

It is my pleasure to advise you that, in accordance with the resolution of the Board meeting last week, there will be a 2.5% cost of living adjustment across the board, to be effective on July 1, 2005. This applies to all permanent full-time staff with services of more than one year at CCHC. In addition, an incremental point of $50 per month will be given to all full-time staff that joined CCHC prior to July 1, 2004. As for permanent part-time staff that joined us prior to July 1, 2004, a pro rata increase will be given with respect to their regular work hours. For the staff that joined CCHC after July 1, 2004, a partial adjustment on the 2.5% in proportion to the number of months of sevices will be given. However, no incremental point will be considered for staff of less than one year’s service.
On behalf of the Board, I take this opportunity to extend our gratefulness for the staff’s hard work and dedication in CCHC ministries. We shall continue to strive to enhance the employment benefits for them. We also pray for God’s guidance and blessings for the road ahead as we continue to serve Him.”

PTL! This actually comes at a really good time since the maintenance in our bldg just went up and my roommate has asked me to pay more rent. I committed to paying more in faith that the money would come, and as you read above, it’s coming! =) (This should bring my salary up to almost $21K/yr…) Still a bit low, but nonetheless, God is so good! Please continue to support me thru OCM Vision Church. Since we currently have no church office, you can send the checks to me and I’ll pass it on to the Stewardship Committee.

My SAC (summer day camp) ministry is running very well. We have an excellent crop of kids and counselors. We’re about halfway done now! It’s sad that the summer goes by so quickly. I really love running SAC and attending Herald Gospel Camp. Pray for our kids, half of which are hearing the Gospel for the first time and will have an opportunity to meet Jesus this summer.
I attended Hofstra Conference Fourth of July wknd where I was one of the Youth Workshop Speakers. http://www.nysummerconference.org/english/youth/2005/youth_speakers.html (Scroll down a bit for my bio. And if you click on “Workshops” you’ll see that I did one on Worship.) It was a really great experience. Full Update here: www.xanga.com/huasuxin (You’ll have to scroll past the Harry Potter entries, tho! LoL…) I hope I get to speak again next yr. This was my second speaking engagement this yr, but I missed TECBC because of death-illness… And speaking of…

I had a little run-in with a severe allergic reaction this week that took me to the ER on Tues morn at 4:30am… It’s ok, I’m fine… But my eyes/cheeks are still swollen, and I had to miss work on Wed. =( Wish I had pix to show you — my eyes blew up right in front of my face! It was really scary — esp. because I’ve never reacted so badly to anything in my life! All my nasal passages closed and I couldn’t breathe. (Full story here: www.xanga.com/huasuxin). This is my second trip to the ER in 6 months! =/

Pray for me as I recover – I’m on meds – and as I lead worship this month, and run SAC. SAC ends 8/12, then I leave for HGC 8/21-26.

Special acknowledgement this month goes to my Growth Group from this semester — G4! They sponsored me as their GG missionary and passed along a wonderful bag of goodies! [Note to you all – I LOVE Care Packages! Even those of us who are ministering at Home could use them!] It contained Ginseng Tea, a Hello Kitty notebook full of cute notes from my group, and a Barnes & Noble Gift Card!! Woo-hoo! The way to my heart is thru my BOOKS!! But, since I recently acquired Harry Potter 6 – the only book worth having right now! LoL! – I decided to indulge myself by purchasing a new PS2 game, since I have precious little of them… So, I purchased “Kingdom Hearts Blade.” Can’t wait til it comes, and boy do I need the fun! =D

You guys are all DA BOMB! Thanx for your unfailing support. Til next time!


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