Jas’ Thanksgiving Updates

Nov. 21, 2005

I really should be packing, but I’ve already had a long wknd, so I’m giving myself a little break.
I. Moving
II. Fast
III. Grad school
IV. Vacation
VI. Youth Center

*Moving – Last time I wrote you guys, I shared with you all why I’m moving out – totally a God-thing. Almost a full month later, I’m sitting in a pretty bare-looking room, with 2/3 of everything I own now piled up in the basement or in my office at CCHC. In an attempt to actually minimize the amount of stuff I have to move, I’ve given away big things like my TV and futon to the Youth Center; my DVD/VCR player, massaging ottoman, rolling chair, shopping cart and any left-over food to my roommate; my 10-piece set of pots and pans to my new pastor and his wife; and I’ve been listing select books on Amazon.com to sell. In addition, I’m doing my best to get rid of old/messed up shoes and clothing items. I cant believe I still have as much stuff as I do considering I’ve moved about 8 times in the last 6 yrs. It’ll be nice to be done with all this packing and moving and painting by next wk.

*Fast – I also mentioned last time that I’m on a book-fast for my family. I cannot express to you how difficult it has been to keep my greedy hands off of my precious books! I’ve caught myself trying to compensate by reading magazines, articles and newspapers when I should really be reading my BIBLE! My daily readings declined after the first 2 wks. Yes, very shameful. 40 days is no joke, yo. So, I’m in my last week and I dont know what has been accomplished, if anything, but I’m trusting God to bring some fruit from this. I think I’m gonna have to go on a book-fast regularly… Maybe for Lent each yr. We’ll see.

*Grad school – Last time I mentioned that I dropped a class. It was the best decision I could’ve made! Hallelujah. I dont think I realized just how stressed out I was until I realized I didnt have to go to that class or do any of the work. Whew! Even though I still have a nice amount of work to get done for the class I’m still in, it’s a much better situation than before. Also, because I’m still technically a part-time student at my school, I didnt lose my loan, nor do I have to worry about repayment til after graduation! Yay! I’ve also decided that I will not be renewing my FAFSA for next yr, and that starting in the Fall, I will be paying tuition out of pocket. Considering that I really dont want to accumulate any more loans, and that I’ll be able to save a bit of money now that I’m moving in with family, I should be able to pull this off… And I’ll let you know if I cant!

*Vacation – I’m on vacation! Hallelujah. Havent taken vacation since last yr. It was much needed, and I took the full 10 days off to get this moving done, and the bulk of my schoolwork done. (Schoolwork includes visiting schools and doing classroom observations, so if I hadnt taken vacation, I would’ve had to take off from work.) When I return to work on Dec 2nd, I would’ve just made my 2-yr mark as a full-time Youth Worker at CCHC. Why does it seem like so much longer???

*CCHC – We recently celebrated our 23rd Anniversary w/ our annual banquet followed by 3 days of international conferences. CCHC branch directors and co-workers from around the world fly into our NYC HQ for this. My kids performed their Body Worship at the banquet, as usual, and it was a good time to reconnect with good friends and partners in ministry. The highlight is always getting to see my Hong Kong and San Francisco co-workers. I love them so much! Esp, my buddy, Luke ! Wish you could all meet her! She’s the bestest!

*Youth Center
A. WEBSITE: If you havent been to visit our site recently, you need to check out the Staff page. [
www.heraldyouth.org ] It was seriously out-dated and bereft of any substance, so I had the staff all write up bios of themselves, as well as take new photos. Check them out! We had fun writing them, so enjoy reading them!
B. NEWSLETTER: We also have a new newsletter coming out that our friend, Jeany Yuan helped design for us. It will be in print form by the yr’s end, we anticipate. And then afterward, I will be taking the helm and publishing what will hopefully become a quarterly email newsletter! We’ll be able to keep you up to date with ministry happenings as a whole staff, and not just as individuals. This will also be helpful to us as most of us need to fundraise on top of our salaries to meet monthly expenses or pay back loans. This newsletter will help us to gain more financial as well as prayer support.

As always, your support is priceless to me. I appreciate your continued prayers as I deal with the joys and the struggles of working at CCHC. Prayer for finances – re-budgeting, tuition-payment, and debt re-payment – are greatly needed. Prayer for rest during this vacation – which seems elusive – and good health is a given. And please feel free to send me your requests. I want to pray for you, too. [Just dont hit REPLY to this email, as it will spam everyone! Write to me directly.]
Support checks can be made out to: “OCM Vision Church” w/my name on the Memo.
Mail to: Jasmine Flores, CCHC-Herald Youth Center, 48 Allen St., New York, NY 10002.

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving!


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