Jas’ October Updates

Oct. 13, 2005

Hey everyone! Well, it has been a while… and in the interim, Yahoo! did something very nice to their Groups and changed the messages into Rich-Text format!! Woohoo!! (I cant stand it when it looks so ugly… Lol!)

So let me give you the updates…

Herald Gospel Camp:
It totally ROCKED!! And the thing is it was so unexpected how it worked out. On the Tuesday (which is only the second full day) of camp, we had a substitute speaker, and he randomly gave an altar call – to which HALF of our kids responded!! Either thru first-time commitments (thru which some of my kids from SAC became Christians!!), or thru what I like to call “renewal subscriptions” (re-dedications), many of our campers came to the Lord!!

In addition, the Staff devotions, and nightly worship and prayer times were very powerful. I have to say that I love this part of ministry. Worship, prayer, the Word… it cant get any better than that. I received a lot of positive feedback on it, so I’m hoping to continue it next yr. All in all the week was amazing, and our Counselors were really dedicated. We’re having a reunion every month this Fall. Pray for the kids to come to the reunions and be plugged into churches.

I was a Discussion Group leader this yr. I was a little intimidated when I found out that THREE pastors would be in my group!! But, it went very well, and we had good discussions. The speaker was also very good. And it’s always nice to see buddies from other churches I havent seen in a while, and make new friends.

MSNY Women’s Conference “PureLife”:
Oh man, next yr – I’m taking every woman I have EVER MET to this conference!! It was amazing. I cant describe it, and it really was very short – only morning and evening sessions. (I even went to work and to see a movie in between sessions! ) But, it was very powerful. The worship, the speakers, the testimonies. God really spoke to me a lot about waiting on His timing for things in my life to come to fruition. A much-needed reminder. Ladies – this conference is for you! If it doesnt conflict with anything, I highly suggest u go. It’s right here in the City. No travel or accomodations needed!

Vision Church (VC) Retreat:
This year’s retreat was different from the past… It’s only my 3rd VC retreat… but the feeling was totally different. I think the presence of God in each other really reached out to minister to those around us, inc new ppl… I inadvertently helped someone come to a final decision about whether or not to stay at a job! Didnt mean to… It just happened! And I love when God does that – He comes in all of His super-naturalness and invades our mundane conversations. It was like that all wknd. There’s a change in the air… Now that Pastor Joe is starting officially this Sunday, I feel like God is really prepping us for the next season He’s taking the church into. Dont know what the future will bring, but I’m praying for awesomeness.

Prayer requests:
*Church – Leading Worship 10/16, 10/23
*Grad School – I had to drop a class because it was beginning to consume me, and I may lose my financial aid package…
*CCHC – Anniversary Banquet 11/12 – pls come! It’s our annual fundraiser and my kids are performing Body Worship. It’s $50/ticket. If you cant come, pls consider sponsoring one or more of my kids, as they cant afford their tix.
*Health – throat’s been feeling scratchy for over a week…
*Rest – there are so many books I wanna read!
*Moving – I’m leaving my apt during Thanksgiving wknd and moving back in with the fam… Why? That’s a pretty cool story – stay tuned!


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