Hi Everyone!

Feb. 8, 2005

Here’s what’s happening:

1. Structural changes to my After School Program –> We’re in the process of renovating the basement and make it more like a real Youth Center with computers and ping-pong, etc, so that the kids can feel more comfortable coming. We’ve not gotten all our fun resources yet, but we’re on our way. So far, it’s been a week since we’ve changed the program and the kids are coming! So, pray for more kids and for the resources we need so that kids can feel comfortable and have fun.

2. Summer Program promo –> The staff is frantically getting stuff ready so that we can begin to recruit summer counselors. Many people are in the process of considering summer missions, so we need to make sure they know they can come to Chinatown and help with outreach here through our programs, too. Pray for the Staff to get all our promo materials done and for God to begin to draw people to partner with us this summer.

1. Worship Team –> Pray for the worship team to raise up more worship leaders. As it is, it’s been difficult to form weekly teams around everyone’s busy schedule. Also pray for the worship leaders. We want to cultivate more unity between us and get ourselves on the same page that way we dont have to re-invent the wheel every time we take turns leading. I think the worship ministry at Vision (my church) is awesome, but we can always do better and we definitely need prayer support.

2. Praise Nite –> I’ve been asked to lead an inter-church praise nite on April 2. This evening will bring all the OCM branch churches together in an evening of celebration of community and the Easter holiday. Pray for the team as we meet together and practice. Pray for me as I pick appropriate songs and as I try to foster a worshipful unified atmosphere in our practice sessions.

About 3 weeks ago, I re-started grad school. 3 years ago I began this Master’s degree in Childhood Education at Mercy College and had to put it on hold. Now that I’ve settled into working here at CCHC for that last yr, it’s time to finish this degree! However, full- time work and part-time school does not always a happy Jasmine make. Please pray for my time management. I have SO MUCH HW! =( I don’t want to have to lessen my involvement in church, or have to take off work just to catch up on schoolwork.

Lately I’ve been getting chest pains and I should probably go to the doctor. This is a recurring thing with me, and one of my cardiologist friends basically said it was probably nothing and it may just be something I have to deal with… With that said, I really need to take care of myself. So, pray that in the midst of all this, I’ll be able to intentionally take care of myself.

CCHC is still not allowing us to raise support through them. My church governing board has met to discuss the issue and I really appreciate that because they are so busy. But, now it’s been taken out of their hands and been put into the hands of the Overseers. I really dont want to have my supporters write checks to me directly anymore, cuz it messes me up month by month in terms of budgeting. But, I also can’t live on just my CCHC paycheck alone. Also, since I have to claim all my donations on my taxes now, I may end up paying back taxes again this yr! =( So, please pray for a solution to this financial dilemma.


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