HERALD GOSPEL CAMP ’06 and more…

Sept. 10, 2006

This is long overdue, and after spending an hr on it, I accidently deleted the entire message. [Hate it when that happens!] So, this is take 2. Maybe I can make it better. Sigh… 8-|

HERALD GOSPEL CAMP 2006 – Session 3 (8/19-25)
This yr, I led Counselor morning devos, co-led Camper Praise Times, co-led Counselor Worship and Prayer Times, and was in charge of 6 of the guy Counselors.

Too bad I have no videos to show you the Counselor devo, worship and prayer times. [That’s a thought for the future!] They were dynamic. One nite, we had intercession circles. [This is quickly becoming a 3rd session tradition!] The guys were in one circle and the girls in another, and they stood interceding on behalf of their campers. The guys were especially amazing. The Spirit was really leading them – they ebbed and flowed like an ocean wave, totally in sync. I really thought at some points that they were reciting Scripture together, but they just happened to be praying the same stuff! And in the middle of it, God did an amazing cleansing work in one of the guys and he had a vision for the first time! ;;) As I closed in prayer that nite, I felt led to cry out on behalf of the kids’ sexual purity, and so I did. At the moment I said the words, “sexual purity,” a ROAR came out of the guys’ circle! O They were like, “YES JESUS! FOR THEIR SEXUAL PURITY, LORD GOD, WE CRY OUT TO YOU!!!” They totally drowned me out! Lol! It was so amazing. In the middle of this same prayer time, one of the female counselors received the gift of tongues! O God was just THERE! So powerful. If you’ve never been to camp, COME! You wont regret it!

Unfortunately, there was a huge downside to camp. Something happened to one of the campers on the last nite after God had done such awesomeness all week. And it was really unfortunate. Thankfully, the camper came thru it amazingly and we learned a huge lesson that nite about spiritual warfare and youth ministry. [Too bad we have to learn things the hard way.] But, for me it was a double-whammy b/c I had gotten a call earlier that morning informing me that a friend of mine from my high school days at OCM suddenly passed away. Patty Chiu was 26 when she went to be with Jesus on Wed, 8/24. I’ve never cried so hard in my whole life. I hadnt seen her in 7 yrs or so, but we were still in sporadic contact. I loved her so much, and it’s still a shock to me that she’s gone. It’s been a tough recovery for me, and it’s just in the last 3 days or so that I feel like I’m starting to be my old self again. Thanks to those of you who keep checking up on me. I need the support. -s

Grad school semester started last Thurs. I had registered for 2 courses, but decided to drop one. I hate prolongin graduation, but I seriously cant do this other class right now. It was schizo, with an assignment due every 2-3 days! #-o Forget that! So, I’m just taking this one Art Education class. So far it’s interesting, but there is a project every wk I have to buy art supplies for, so that might be difficult.

I started at my school on the Monday right after Camp. It’s so hard to be happy and excited about teaching at my alma mater again when it’s happening at a time of such sorrow in my life. And I havent had a break to really process stuff. But, I really am happy. And my old colleagues and admin are ecstatic to have me back. They told me that at least 5 times on the first DAY of school! Lol! I love them. God has given me such great favor with them, and I dont know why, but God, I thank You for it. Since I have been so distracted with leaving CCHC, moving, and processing everything from the summer, it’s been really hard to get my head wrapped around the fact that I have to plan daily lessons again. I’ve been using my office at CCHC to plan, print and photocopy. In fact, it’s 11:30pm (since I’m writing this up again!) and I’m still here. [Thank God I live 1 min. away now!!] Oh, so I’m teaching 2 7th grade Life Science classes and 5 CHINESE classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how much I love my school?? They knew I wanted to come back, but they didnt have the budget to create another language class in the language dept, so they made a brand new SHOP class – CHINESE SHOP! Hahah! (Have ever heard of such a thing?) They are amazing to me. It’s the Science planning I’m more concerned about, since I’ve taught Physical Science in the past, and I enjooyed it. But, I guess it’ll be ok. I can intruduce Grossology. I’m sure my kids will love to write reports on burps, pimples and farting. D

In addition, I had a reminder that I needed to pray for my students last nite. My boy, Camper S was praying for me over AIM, and very quickly had a vision. He saw me on my knees crying and all of my students gathered around me. -? Dont quite know what it means yet, but I do know that I have to start getting my heart back into my school. Right now, I feel so scattered.

Can I tell you how much I love living in Chinatown?? I LOVE IT! Enough said. It’s so great to be so close to the churches of my heart. I’ve already visited CCBC, (the church where I run SAC), twice. And the apt is really lovely, esp for Chinatown. So, thank You, Lord! [But I’m still having packages sent to CCHC.]

Ok – this update almost deleted AGAIN for the 2nd time! I better send it before I lose this, too! Topics for next update (coming in a day or two) —

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