Good News! =)

April 25. 2005

Hi all —

So thankful for your constant support and encouragement. And I have to be honest — it’s been difficult. I was having conflict with one of my co-workers, and it was effecting everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

We recently reconciled, and much to my delight, the “fog” I’ve been in for the past month has lifted! I need to be more aware that any conflict I have in this ministry is more than just common conflict, but a real plan of the Enemy to drive a wedge thru our unity and disrupt our ministries. Through it all, I’m learning how to deal with conflict better, be more confrontational (in love) and really express how I feel. It’s been liberating.

As a result of this reconciliation, I was able to lead worship at Vision this month much more freely. I really enjoyed it. Not that I don’t usually. It was just different this time around. Worship was powerful, and God really healed me through it. It felt powerful because the reconciliation was powerful. So, praise the Lord for being the Minister of Reconciliation! =)

Ok, so here’s the Good News:
My church is going to go ahead and set up a Missions Fund for me! This means that from the time my next newsletter comes out and onward until I stop working at CCHC (barring any unforeseen circumstances), all of my financial supporters can now make their checks out to “OCM Vision Church” and designate the Memo to “Jasmine Flores – CCHC.” =) I am so happy that this is finally happening. All of you and many others have been so faithful to write checks in my name, but it’s sort of left my finances up in the air and made me a little crazy these past 9 months. Now, this will change. My newsletter will have a few extra details about monthly and yearly financial goals. Stay tuned!

Prayer Requests:
1. School – In 3 wks, the semester will be over and I have FINALS! Thankfully, the finals are not in-class exams, but take-home exams and papers. Classes end 5/11, so pls pray for productive study-time and success in my classes.

2. OneHouse – On 5/14, there will be an inter-church Praise Nite at my church called “OneHouse.” I am leading worship and leading the Worship Team — comprised of worship leaders and team members from 3 churches. Pray for our spiritual preparation. We have practice at least 5 more times before the actual nite, so it’ll also be tiring. Pray for our health and rest. (Please join us! More info at

3. Summer Conferences –
A) Teen Easter Chinese Bible Conference (TECBC), 5/28-30, – I’m returning to TECBC again as a workshop leader. I’m teaching on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons, like last yr. This yr, I’m also helping the Worship team during their practices and teaching them more about Biblical Worship. Pray for my preparation and for God to speak thru me as I minister to the youth. (

B) NY Summer Conference at Hofstra, 6/30-7/4 – Although I’ve known about Hofstra conference for years, I’ve never been there. This year my friend Ellen Hwang asked me to be a workshop leader. I’ll probably be doing a teaching on Biblical Worship. I have yet to decide and inform Ellen. Please pray for me as I pray through this. (

Thank you all so much! Your support is divine. I am so grateful!


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