Fasting/Moving Out Story

Oct. 24, 2005
Hi everyone! (And welcome to new sign-ups!)

Just wanted to let you guys know that I started a 40-day fast for my family’s salvation. This is new and kind of unusualNew in the sense that I’ve never fasted for my family before. (FYI – I am the first Christian in my immediate family. My younger sibs and a younger cousin are saved. My parents, step-father, aunts and uncles on my mom’s side aren’t.) Unusual in the sense that I’m fasting from my BOOKS!  Yes, my books. *sigh* It’s very hard to be away from my books. (My precioussss!!) That’s how I know this fast is really a sacrifice – I had to put my Spiderman book down only 3 chapters in!!  I’m only allowed 3 – the book I’m using for the fast, the book I’m reading with my co-workers, and my Bible! So, with all this extra non-reading time, I’m on a strict Bible-reading schedule. Four readings a day in Psalms, Proverbs, an OT and an NT passage. Good stuff. So, I’m on my 7th day. It’s been ok so far. I feel the spiritual warfare. There are a lot of weird things in my family background – demonic things, so I’m not surprised… It can be wearying, tho. I need your help to get thru this.

Pray for:
*My perseverance to get thru these 40 days.
*My eyes to be opened to recognize the spiritual warfare so I can fight it.
*My family to be SAVED!

Why I’m moving out of my apt:
So, the story is I’m not actually legally supposed to be in my apt. I never went thru the proper channels to get in (interviewing, etc.) cuz I didnt know. Since my roommate joined the bldg Board, the pressure has been building on her as to whether or not she should come forward with the fact that I’m her illegal tenant. I started to think about what I could do to help her. Like come forward myself and maybe they wouldn’t mind interviewing me now, etc. But I didnt think about it that much. This was in July.

The first wk of Aug, I initiated and led my very first session of my new Charismatic prayer mtg with some ladies from a local Chinatown church. I never shared the situation with them because I was too busy sharing my goal and vision for our new prayer mtg. Later, while one of the women was praying for me, she had a Word of Knowledge. She said, “And Lord, if there’s anything Jasmine has to let go of. If she has to let go of her housing, may she know, o God, that You are the One who provides her a place to call home.” I was like this:  I didnt even tell her that what she had prayed had such an effect on me. I waited til the next day. But I went home that nite and prayed about it.

God has revealed that He would have me move back in with my family. And I can see all the benefits — not the least of which is that I can take my cousin and sister to church finally!! I can also pay less rent and not have to worry about meals. I can be with my family and that’s really important. In my heart I know that God is doing this on purpose because He would have me be a bolder witness to them. It’s interesting… When Pastor Eugene prophesied over me last yr, he talked a lot about my family, and how God was gonna bring breakthru. Cant wait to see what that looks like.

Last month, as I began to question God about why He was taking me back to my family yet again, He said, “Can you imagine what could happen if u approached your family the way u approached missions in China?” And of course, I’m sure now that what He wants is for me to be preaching the Gospel and praying urgently for them. So, thats what I’m getting prepared to do. And this 40-day fast is a part of that.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! I couldnt have made it this far without you!

Support checks can be made to “OCM Vision Church” with my name in the Memo.
Send to: Jasmine Flores @ CCHC-Herald Youth Center
Care packages are always nice, too!!  Since I’ve changed my address at least 8 times in the last 7 years, you may mail things to me at my CCHC addy until further notice.


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