December Praises and Prayer Requests

Dec. 16, 2005

Thanks to all who regularly pray for me. Here are some quick updates:
~Just finished all my schoolwork for this semester! Handed everything in tonite. One more class to attend next wk and I’m done!
~Took my kids to see Narnia last Saturday and they enjoyed it!
~All moved into my aunt’s! (Even tho most of my stuff is at CCHC.)
~Weekly charismatic prayer mtg is awesome!
~Took my sister, Andrea and cousin, Samantha to church last Sunday and they liked it!

~For rest now that school is done. I’m so exhausted.
~For financial provision. CCHC has not paid us since the anniversary banquet on Nov. 12.
~For my cousin, Robin. She suddenly developed a pre-cursor to leukemia called MDS. She needs a bone marrow transplant. Pray that her sister, Rachel, will be a perfect match.
~For a love for my family and a desire to be a part of their lives so that my ministry to them can be a ministry of presence.
~For my influence on Andrea and Samantha, that they may grow as Christians.
~For my future plans, which are at the forefront of my mind.

Financial Support is greatly needed, esp during this time. Please consider giving a generous yr-end gift.

Merry Christmas!!


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