August Updates:

Aug. 17, 2005

SAC Final Week (8/8-14):
* It was so amazing! The Spirit of God just showed up in our final Counselor Staff mtg during our worship. Half of us fell to our knees! And God spoke very audibly to one of my Counselors. Just what she needed. PTL!* The Yearbook was finished a day early than expected! Hallelujah! And the T-shirts came out fabulous.
* The Closing Ceremony was so much fun! Our 9th/10th grade boys put on the funniest skit and dance routine! Wish I could show you the film clip… Hmmm… I’ll see what I can do! =)
* My Counselors came and hung out with me. We had dinner Sunday eve, then went to Morning Star church (awesome service, as always!), and that nite they crashed at my place. So good to have that time to chillax. Love them mucho! 😉

This week (8/15-20):

* Herald Gospel Camp training went very well. I do workshops on Fundraising and on Buddhism/Confucianism in relation to Chinese culture.
* We got all the Counselors we needed!!! PTL with us!! He always provides.
* I instituted a new thing for the Counselors this yr – Group Devotions. Since it is our main concern that our counselors are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically well all week long, we are constantly encouraging them to spend time with God. However, with a schedule as packed as our Camp schedule it can be hard to find that time if they’re not rigorous about it. So, I decided it was up to us – the Staff – to provide that time. For the week, I will be leading Counselor Devotions. Pray for me as I discern what God wants to speak to their hearts.

Week after (8/21-26): HGC!
* As usual, my primary role is to minister to the female counselors and to pray. Last yr, we had so much spiritual warfare, I spent most of my time laying hands on ppl (Counselors and campers alike) for healing! Pray for physical well-being. And for stamina for me. Last yr, because of all the prayers and one-on-ones the counselors requested, I slept at 4:30am each day, and had to awake at 7am! Not good la! Pray for rest and good health.
* In addtion, this week I’m prepping to lead Counselor Worship at our Staff Mtgs in the evenings. Pray for the presence and power of God to be manifest and bring much-needed refreshment to us all. Esp the Staff – as we’re running around caring for everyone, and we dont care for ourselves.


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