August Prayer Requests

Aug. 8, 2005

My summer day camp program (SAC) is coming to a close, ppl! Whew! I love it, but boy is it draining… =/

Keep me in mind for the following –>

  • This week (8/8-14):
    • Tues – last SAC staff mtg (wrapping up everything with my staff that I’ve been trying to instill in them this summer); putting together SAC Yearbook; planning for Closing Ceremony on Fri. Wed – hopefully finish yearbook completely; put finishing touches on Closing Ceremony
    • Thurs – SAC staff sleep-over at my place – party and chillaxation! ; )
    • Fri – last day of SAC : ( Also, Amy (SAC Counselor) & Sammie (my Mentee) sleep over my place so we can all go to Peter’s wedding on Sat.
    • Sat – Peter Ong’s wedding
    • Sun – Sabbath Recovery Day
  • Next week (8/15-20): recovering from SAC, cleaning up after SAC and prepping for HGC – helping lead training
  • Week after (8/21-26): HGC! [Please pray for 10 – 15 more Counselors!!!]
  • Week after that (8/27-9/1): recovering from HGC and prepping for Fall ministries – need to really formulate my vision..
  • Labor Day wknd (9/2-5): ECBC – I’m ldg a small group this yr
  • After that (9/6-on): new school semester, new school yr at CCHC with a new Youth Dept. Director!

Prayerz for me to not burn out!

There’s so much in my heart that God is pouring out – as I mentor my staff, as I lead prayer mtgs and worship, (not at church, but at CCHC – yes, I do those things there, too). And I have to be mindful that I keep myself continually filled with the Holy Spirit – praying, worshiping, getting into the Word… Everyday I need that sacred time alone sitting at Rabbi Jesus’ feet. I need Him. No matter how much I learn, or how much He gives me in terms of gifts and talents, I can do nothing on my own. Falling back on myself may buy me some time… But, sooner or later, I start to crack… And I realize with humiliation just how arrogantly I’ve been trying to do Kingdom work without the help of the King. =/

Thanx for supporting me, all.

Love you guys!


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