April/May/June Updates

June 16. 2005

Yes, I’ve been very bad – 2 months without updating! What was I thinking?? O

Azusa St. Centennial (4/24-2/29)
I wish I could send you all my notes on this phenomenal conference. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Pentecostal revivals with over 30,000 people from all over the planet was quite an experience! Here’s a very short list of what I had the privilege of enjoying:

* Celebrating women in leadership ministry every night at the Angelus Temple (the first Foursquare Church)!
* Enjoying being led in worship by Darlene Zschech & the Hillsong team – TWICE! D
* Being awed by the children’s ministry, J12, with Gregg Johnson and his Foursquare team! [Have you ever seen a 12-yr old kid preach?? Not like this!!]
* Workshops on worship by Robert Stearns, Ron Kenoly, Darlene Zschech, LaMar Boschman, and Steven Fry.
* Being ministered to in prayer and worship by Cheryl Bear, a First Nations (Native American) Foursquare church pastor.
* Worship conferences every afternoon, replete with singing in the Spirit (i.e. singing in tongues). Absolutely heavenly! )
* Intense daily prayer mtgs. These are the source of my strength!
* All the promises and prophecies God spoke to me and thru me that wk!

In about 50 yrs, I hope I’ll be well enough to travel to the 150th anniversary! Who’s coming with me?? ;)

TECBC (5/26-29)
I love this conference. Forget ECBC – even tho I will be there again this yr – come to Teen conference!! The youth are amazing. I think I’m obsessed with them!
=P~ Heehee! Seriously, the best part of this conference was not having our van catch fire and break down in the middle of highway, (although God sent His angels to help us even before we prayed, which was awesome!), nor was it giving my workshop on cults, (even tho the youth made it really funny and I love them for particpating), nor was it leading the early morning prayer (even tho I enjoyed doing it). No, the best part having the honor and privilege of praying over my babies and witnessing the amazing things God was revealing to them. One of my favorite kids in the whole world, “S,” came. It was his first TECBC, and God just spoke to him EVERYWHERE! I was like, “this is not normal!” I am in awe of the work God is doing in him, and on the last nite, the Spirit of God spoke thru me these words as I prayed over him: “S, if you will make time for me, I will speak to you.” ;;) Yay!! God has so much in store for him. I love that God let me see what He was doing in S that wknd. The biggest downside was the speaker. He had occasional good things to say, but otherwise I kept praying for the Holy Spirit to protect the kids from militant findamentalism./:) Yea… But, other than that, I cant wait for next yr!

Summer Ministries (July/Aug)
Summer Adventure Club & Herald Gospel Camp are my favorite ministries of the yr! (I know I’ve said this many times.) I cant tell you what a relief it is to know that they will be starting soon, even tho that means I get no sleep and no days off from now til they begin! I-) Pray for more kids in my SAC program!! We have been over-blessed with Counselors, (thank You, Jesus!), and it’s always hard to turn ppl down. But, we never have enough kids at this time. We only have 10. In total, we’ve had 28 the last 2 yrs. It would be nice to have many more. Pray for me, too, as I still write curriculum, gather materials, and prepare the spiritual teaching for the summer. That’s my favorite part – getting to teach, preach and lead worship for my Counselors’ spiritual nourishment. I wont have much time to rest before the planning ends and the program begins, so pray a blessing over me!

OneHouse (Sept.)
Worship + Social Justice. Those are this yr’s themes. Pray for the leadership team as we bring everything together. It’ll be awesome! I’m working on getting the website together, but in the meantime, check the xanga and subscribe to it, pls! www.xanga.com/onehouse. More info and promo materials to come.

Transitions (Summer)

School – Spring semester ended very well in the beginning of May. I will begin my last yr at Mercy College in the Fall. Cant wait to FINISH!

– My last day at CCHC is 8/30. My first day back in the school system is 8/31. I must be insane. 8-} (Stop nodding!!) I am so excited to go back into teaching, but I cant even think about it right now.

Home – Lord, I need my own place!! Many of you know I’ve moved around on avg of once a yr since I graduated college – that’s 7 addresses in 7 yrs. (No wonder I dont get jury duty. They cant find me!!) Next month, my bro, sis and dad are moving out of their apt. They have my cat and they’re not taking him with them! In addition, when I leave CCHC, I have to take with me everything in my office and all the things I have stored in the youth center. My aunt’s house – where I am now – has so room for my things and she certainly doesnt want my cat here. I’m in a bind. My heart is in Chinatown, so I’ve been praying for an apt there – preferably one-bedroom and close to CCHC. There may be one available, so please pray that it will come through and having a pet wont be an issue.

– This Sunday will be my LAST TIME leading worship on Sunday at Vision. It’s been a very challenging last 4 yrs on the Worship Team, but it’s been a tremendous growth experience. Things are really starting to get exciting, so it’s sad that I’m stepping down. However, I stay on the Worship Committee until the end of Dec, so I still have opportunities to minister to the team thru our mtgs and our upcoming retreat.

– The main reason I am leaving CCHC and stepping down from Worship at church is because I am making room for a near-future ministry as a pastor. I am currently in the process of applying for a pastoral license in the Foursquare Church. If they accept me as a candidate, I have to study 35 guides on doctrine and denominational polity with a coach. Then, when my coach thinks I’m ready, I will be interviewed by a panel who will determine whether or not I should be licensed. I would love to have all my studying and interviewing done before the summer ends and I have to start school again, so please pray for this process. And for those of you who have asked, I still have to go to seminary before I’m officially ordained. That will take a few yrs. I will start seminary next summer after I graduate from grad school. I will only be part-time, occasionally having to fly to California for a wknd or a week in the summer until I’m done. When I get ordained, you will be invited to the ceremony, so no worries! =;

Please keep sending financial support until August 30, 2006 ! –>
HOWEVER – since I have reached the maximum Vision’s fund can hold for me,
pls make checks to me personally.


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